During trekking, but also in camp site, various accidents might happen. So it is a must, to have a first aid kit with us. In addition to the basic ingredients described below, be sure to consult your doctor if you require specialized treatment and inform the rest of the group about it.

Trekking Xperience

North Olympus mountain – Barbalas Ridge

After another two hours and a painful and ruthless climb, we are coming out of the forest. There is no path anymore but there is no orientation problem either. In front of us, there is the last steep uphill that will bring us to the summit. At last, we have arrived and it was worth every step. The view is astonishing. In front of us are, the “Papa” stream and the high peaks of the mountain of gods, Profitis Elias, Touba, Stefani, Christakis. On the other side, we are gazing at Pieria Mountains, Vrodou, the beaches of Katerini, Thermaikos Gulf and Halkidiki.