Velvendos “Skepasmeno” Gorge

Velvendos or Velvendo, is a small town near Kozani, on the northeast side of the artificial lake of “Poliphitos”, at the feet of Pieria mountains.  Shortly before the junction for Kozani , we leave the highway and turn left at the junction for Airport-Servia. By arriving at the bridge of “Polifitos” Lake , we see at the  opposite side , Pieria mountains and the city of Servia. After the bridge, we follow the road to the  left , heading for Velvendos and after  20km , more or less , it appears in front of us a neat, beautifull  village . Within a beautiful landscape, someone can gaze from one side the mountain’s  forests and the summits  and from the other , the lake.

We pass by the village and the village of Metochi outside the Church of Ag. Trinity, starts the path for the Cover and the nine maidens who wanted farragi muses. Because it is not sufficient, it is advisable to ask a local for the beginning of the path of the waterfall. The trail to the waterfall is slated!  with Rails from the side of the stream!  and spotless. So crystal clear as if it passes a cleaner (later Tavern, we learned that the cleaner is people of mountaineering club).

At the entrance of the trail there is a signpost with the short history of the Canyon. There are also tampelakia on various trees of the forest (from the Center for environmental education ing Velvento) where mention fytologikes and historical information. After 15 minutes short hike reached a plateau, with very nice configuration (tables, grills, observation places) and with wooden Watchtower from which one can enjoy the view of the first triple waterfall. From the same point the lake view is also amazing.

After we rest for a while and we took some pictures and because our hike, we found small, continued the path deeper into the forest. The trail continues to the village of Katafygi (birthplace of the famous, Kazantzakis Zorba the Greek). We proceeded until the next organized point of rest (approximately 45 minutes). This way, hiding little surprises like some more waterfalls, small and bigger some ponds, as well as relics of old watermills.

We walked in a magnificent nature with running water in a beautiful forest. Pictures that words cannot describe. We sat down for a rest, we drank our coffee inside the forest, we took our pictures and we took the road back.

We went down again in the village and took in the ‘ Belbendo’ In a small tavern in the square with very good food and very good prices. The owners knew children of mountaineering and at the end we had to drink raki with them. There we learned about the cleanliness of the paths and places of recreation (make themselves and their attempt is commendable) and for the mountain trails, but leading to the shelter of the mountain and the peaks 2188m, 2100m Turla Flambouro, Avdella 2050m, 2023m Arvanitis. Our general cleanliness of the area, the tidiness and of course the mood of residents.

In conclusion, at very little cost, is a very nice trip to get away from city life. We will come back.