Bafi refuge (1160m) – Skipiza spring (1205m) – Fire Brigade Cabin (1300m)


Parnitha Mountain is located in the north of Athens with a total area of ​​approximately 300 square kilometers and along with Mount Penteli, Hymettos and Egaleo embraces the basin of Athens. The highest peak is Karabola (1.413 m). It is covered at lower altitude by pine trees and fir trees at higher altitude. Parnitha has been declared as an area of ​​special natural beauty and a great part of the mountain is National Park which was founded in 1961. At one of the mountain peaks, Mavrovouni, a Casino (Mont Parnes) has been built, which can be reached either by car or by cable car. In the area there are two mountain refuges, Bafi and Flambouri.


European emergency number: 112

Fire brigade: 199

Medical Emergency: 166

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It is a very easy route, which, in addition to hiking in dense vegetation, also has a spectacular view after ascending to Skipiza spring and the Fire Brigade Cabin.  From Bafi refuge you will follow the asphalt road heading to the Holy Trinity. Approximately in 300 meters to the right you will meet an uphill narrow road, which you are going to  follow for 1.5 km until you come across a sign that says “Skipiza -Pyrofilakio”. Basically , this is the starting  point of  the trail. If you do not want to walk that part of the route , you can get here by car and park in the small car park.

The trail is mild  without any uphill and downhill directions and it is  moving through  dense forest  vegetation. After a while  the vegetation is lost and that is  because the path passes through  the burned forest area ( the big fire of 2007). But soon enough, the path returns to the dense forest, full of fir trees that generously give their shade to the hiker . After a t while, you will reach the Skipiza spring .

It is said that the spring’s water is one of the best in the Mountain of Parnitha. At this point  you are at 1200 m altitude, and you will continue hiking for another 10 minutes up to the FireBrigade  Cabin. Going up the steep hill , you will have an impressive view of Elefsina and by continuing  at the altitude of 1300 meters where the Fire Brigade Cabin  is, you will have all the Evoikos Gulf and Evia’s summits in front of your eyes. You are continuing to follow the path that, in a short time, crosses, (from the left) the path that comes from Mola. But you will go to the right, following the signs from the Fire Brigade Cabin to Bafi refuge.

As you can understand, you will make a small circle, in the beautiful fir forest around Skipiza spring, where you will meet the original path again. Following the path to the opposite direction this time, you will soon arrive at the starting point of the route and Bafi refuge. At the refuge , which is managed by  Athens  Mountaineering club , you can have a good rest and a good meal on a daily basis.