Skipiza spring (1205m) – Mola (1260m) – Bafi refuge (1160m)

This particular route will have to be combined with the first route (Bafi refuge – Skipiza spring – Fire Brigade Cabin) so you will make a circle around the highest peak of the mountain, Karavola (1.414 m). It does not have any particular difficulties, except perhaps from a steep downhill, for about 1 km, before Mola. If you combine the two routes, you must calculate the time correctly.






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After Skipiza spring you will hike north for about 10 minutes on the steep slope leading to the Fire Brigade Cabin. Going up, at first you are having  an impressive view of Eleusina  and a little later when you reach the Fire Brigade Cabin, the view, depending on the weather, is up to Evoikos Gulf and Evia’s summits. You continue hiking  on the same path, which in a little while  splits in right and left directions. Its right section leads back to Skipiza spring and Bafi refuge. You should take the left downhill route. The path is now moving to the north of the mountain, having to the “right-hand “the peak of “ Karavola” and on the other side, if you can see through the dense fir forest, wonderful view to Evia island.

After about 1 hour and 2.5 km you will meet the crossroad to Mola. The right part of the path ascends and passes between the peaks of Karavola and Ornio leading  to Bafi refuge. You ,  will take the left direction that goes down to Mola and after about 1 km downhill through the dense vegetation you will reach the asphalt road  and the area of ​​Mola. Here you will see the chapel of St. Peter, a meeting point for many hikers, as Mola is the center point  for many mountain trekking routes.

Leaving  the beautiful chapel , you will continue on the earth  road that starts ten meters below and you will enter the small plateau of Mola where you can admire the mountain meadows which are surrounded with magnificent towering fir trees and green soft grass. In their shade, there are wooden tables and benches, ideal for picnic in the mountain , while the gurgling water from the springs around you will wipe out your thirst and stimulate you.

After St. Peter’s chapel and near the stone fountain, you will see on your right a sign that points to “Mesiano Nero”. Mesiano Nero ( Midwater in English)  is located on the opposite side of the peripheral  asphalt road which is connecting Mola with Bafi refuge.  But the path drips into the pine forest and follows a parallel course along the road. Generally , it moves on the right side of the peripheral  road (direction  to Bafi refuge) and  at some points crosses with the road . So after about 3 km and after circling the Karavola peak, the path ends in Bafi refuge.

We have to mention again that, at the refuge , which is managed by  Athens  Mountaineering Club , you can have a good  rest and a good meal on a daily basis.