Tips for loading a backpack

In a previous post we gave tips for, how and what, backpack to choose. Since we have chosen one, we now have to load it. A properly loaded backpack can hold a lot of things, as long as everything is in the right place. And a properly loaded backpack will make your route more relaxing and comfortable.

Make a List

First of all, make a list of the necessary equipment. And when we say necessary, we do not mean the whole attic or closet. Only you will carry your backpack (unless you are an English colonist in a safari trip) on your back, so make a good choice of what to take with you, depending on the duration of the route and the field.

Separate the equipment

Lay out the equipment of the list in front of you, in five areas.

. Shelter and sleep

. Clothing

. Food and water

. Cookware

. Various useful small items

This will help you to check if you have forgotten something and will prevent you from walking around grabbing useless extra items.

Pack in layers

Divide the backpack into three parts, bottom, middle and top. Start loading from the bottom up.

At the bottom, put the equipment you will only need at the end of the route, such as Sleeping bag, self inflated mattress, sleeping pad, camping equipment, extra clothing.

Put heavy things in the middle and place them as close to your body as you can. This is the way to prevent your back and waist from the weight’s pressure and create a solid mass that helps your balance while walking. Such items are: kitchen utensils, food containers, water tank, extra shoes, camping stove, personal hygiene items.

At the top, place equipment that you will use along the route such as, waterproof jacket, fleece, toilet paper or baby wipes, first aid kit, trash bags.

Finally, put the useful small items such as Compass, map, camera, multitool, hat, sunglasses, etc. in the various pockets of the backpack, while on the outside of the backpack take advantage of the straps and special loops and place according to the season and the terrain, crampons, ice axe, trekking poles, rope. Summarizing

Remember that we only get essential equipment with us. We load the backpack in layers, from bottom to top. We fill all the gaps where they exist and make sure that a solid and symmetrical load is formed. When we wear the backpack, we adjust it in such a way that it is an extension of our body.

Enjoy your routes and climbs.