Mountaineering movies – Part 3

The mountains have always been and will remain a fascinating scenery for the movies.

In this article we propose some of them that we have watched and liked.

We have categorized them and the third category is




Touching The Void (2003)

Terrain: Siula Grande, Peru

Directed by: Kevin MacDonald

Running time: 106 minutes


The movie was based on Joe Simpson’s book of the same name. It features Joe Simpson’s and Simon Yates’s disastrous climb of the unclimbed West Face of Siula Grande in 1985.

Touching The Void official trailer


Meru (2015)

Terrain: Meru Peak, India

Directed by: Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

Running time: 87 minutes


Documentary about a group of climbers summiting the 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) Shark’s Fin wall on Meru in 2011. The group had previously attempted the climb in 2008 but failed to complete it.

The documentary features both the 2008 and 2011 attempts.

Meru Official Trailer


Sherpa (2015)

Terrain: Mount Everest, Nepal

Directed by: Jennifer Peedom

Running time: 90 minutes


Documentary about Phurba Tashi, a Sherpa who assists expedition climbs on Mount Everest. Tashi has made 21 Mount Everest ascents. He also holds the record for the most number of ascents of eight-thousanders (30 climbs).The documentary gives us a glimpse into Tashi’s personal life, the Sherpa culture and the work they do for mountain expeditions. It also captures the aftermath of the 2014 Mount Everest ice avalanche.

Sherpa Official Trailer


Mountain (2017)

Terrain: various mountains

Directed by: Jennifer Peedom

Running time: 74 minutes


Documentary about the highest mountains and peaks around the world. It shows the evolution of mountain climbing over the years. The documentary also features exhilarating climbs, various mountaineering sports, and beautiful cinematography. Narrator William Dafoe.

Mountain official trailer


From Olympus to Everest (2009)

Terrain: Mount Everest, Nepal

Directed by: Pavlos Tsiantos

Running time: 90 minutes


The effort and the chronicle of the ascent of the first Greek mission that climbed Mount Everest in May 2004. From the preparation days on Olympus mountain, the highest mountain in Greece, until the ascent to the “Top of the World”.

From Olympus to Everest official trailer